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A glimpse into… Italy!

I'm back with round 2 of these holiday posts because I found writing about Switzerland so much fun, so I thought I'd now do Italy!! I actually went to Italy straight after Switzerland, so this post is very late but finally... Continue Reading →

siblings- a note. 

soooo I don't think I mentioned it, but my sisters getting married woop woop!! he's a really nice guy and I'm super happy for her and excited that she's starting this new chapter in her life, but to be honest... Continue Reading →

Justice for Zainab

I should be revising, because I have an exam tomorrow, but I really wanted to write about something I've seen going round on social media- the Justice For Zainab hashtag. This 7 year old girl was raped and then killed... Continue Reading →


Hi everyone, Yeah, thats right. I've posted yesterday, and now I'm posting today- 2018 is mad! I was inspired by Gracie Chick to make this post. She made a spoken word poem about Islamophobia, and it was in response to... Continue Reading →

Life update, a review of 2017 and New Years resolutions!

Wow- this post is kind of late, given we have been in 2018 for a few days now (and already so much crappy stuff has happened!!! *cough* *Logan Paul*) But, I just wanted to say that 2017 was on average... Continue Reading →

A glimpse into… Switzerland!

Hi everyone! This post has been a long time coming- in all honesty, it was just sitting in my drafts but I just forgot to press the 'publish' button (so sad). Anyway, I just thought I would write about my... Continue Reading →

Gun Laws

Long time no see! I've just been working again/exams/uni stuff/general stress. It's so great. I just thought I would write a short bit about gun laws. Here in the UK, we have strict laws controlling the use of guns. It would... Continue Reading →

5 youtubers you need to watch (POC edition)

Hi guys hope you are good! Sooo, I will be listing some youtubers that I have been enjoying watching recently: Patricia Bright. I've been binge watching her haul videos, where she tries on clothes from loads of different online stores.... Continue Reading →


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