Yay another rant!!

I found out about the fair and lovely cream when I went to Pakistan a couple of years ago. I had gone into a store to buy some water and when I walked in I saw this shop assistant. She was clearly Asian (her neck and hands were brown) but her face was white. Really pale white.

It was kind of strange, but I didn’t really think anything of it until my sister brought it up later, and I found out that it was a combination of a really pale foundation and the fair and lovely bleaching cream. I found that this cream is really popular in South Asian countries, because women want to look like the “beautiful, fair, western” ones they see in foreign films and television. I watched every advert I could find online and I was shocked. The adverts were awful. In each video the narrator went through the benefits of the cream, and obviously the main “benefit” is that it makes your skin lighter. However, many of the videos called this ‘anti dullness treatment’. Seriously!!!! So if you are dark your skin is just dull, and is an issue that needs to be resolved. ????? How are people ever supposed to be comfortable with their own skin colour if they grow up in a country where being dark is seen as a problem?


I am really grateful that I live in a very multicultural city, meaning where I can feel comfortable (most of the time) with my skin colour and race. But lots of people aren’t lucky. They live in places like Pakistan and Bangladesh, which aren’t very accepting of certain people. And it is really sad that so many people are growing up with these horrible ideas of ‘fair skin or nothing’.

It sucks that western countries have impacted so negatively on other countries, particularly those in South Asia. You should be able to look in the mirror and feel great about yourself. I know this is much easier said than done, but it isn’t helped by living in a society where you are seen as ugly because you are dark. Skin colour also plays a big part in the other industries (film, music). A lot of the famous Bollywood stars aren’t exactly the darkest Asians.

Anywayyyy, I am just putting my opinion out there. Fair isn’t always lovely.

Stay fresh

Minty x