You have probably seen thousands of posts/videos etc. on Trump, but I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to put my opinion out there, considering all the crazy stuff that is happening right now thanks to him.

I really wish I could understand how Trump’s brain works. I am genuinely curious. How can you say that climate change doesn’t exist? How do you justify banning millions of people from entering the US purely based on their religion? I was reading the Washington Post and this came up:

“Just 25 percent of people who voted for Donald Trump believe climate change is occurring now and is caused by human activity, according to a recent survey by researchers from the University of New Hampshire”.

Apparently many people in America share the same stupid views as their president. Take a look outside people! Climate change is definitely happening.

Sitting in London watching the inauguration on TV, I actually felt sick thinking about the fact that a man who hates Muslims (and anything to do with Islam) was about to become the most powerful man in the world. And the saddest thing? Its not just Muslims he doesn’t like. It every type of American, apart from the ones who look like him. So unless you are an overly tanned racist American, chances are Trump doesn’t like you. He can go on and on about immigration, but his wife is an immigrant! (And so is he) People need to understand that unless you are a Native American, you are essentially an immigrant. Sure, your family may have lived in America for centuries, but at some point in time your distant relatives will have traveled by ship from England, Ireland, Holland or wherever to set up a new life in “America”, which would have involved wiping out the majority of the native american population, so there was space for the new settlers and less competition for resources.

And for those of you who complain about how there are sooooo many illegal immigrants from Mexico in your state, maybe think about what you are saying. First of all, how do you even tell that they are illegal or legal? Have you got some sort of 6th sense? Also, you should probably remember that in this instance, again, you may be the immigrant. Nevada, California, Utah, the majority of Arizona, 1/4 of Colorado, 1/2 of New Mexico and a small percentage of Wyoming were all originally part of Mexico. There have also been disputes about the fact that Texas may have been part of the USA. 20140201_usm980_0

I should point out that I am not at all saying that those kinds of people do not belong in America- no matter how long somebody has been in a country- whether it has been 2 months or 20 centuries- they have the right to live wherever they want, but it becomes an issue when people start getting hypocritical of one another. Honestly, does it make that much of a difference to you that you have non-white Americans in your town? Is that not actually a positive- diversity is good people! And yes, you may be wary of the fact that you have Muslims living across the street, but they will not be terrorists! They are just normal good people, trying to peacefully practice their religion and live in a country that has unfortunately has a growing number of Islamophobic Americans. In fact, Buzzfeed said that “According to the Washington Post, in 2015 toddlers were involved in more shootings than terrorists”. So maybe worry about that cute baby next door instead.