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I’ve never made a bucket list before, mostly because I know that I’m too lazy and not motivated enough to achieve anything I put on there. But I made one anyway in the hope that as I get older I will somehow become inspired, and I hope that all my fellow unmotivated friends out there will become inspired and make one too. Personally, I think it’s better to have a longer list because it means that it’s more likely that I will complete at least one of my ‘goals’, but I’m only posting a shortened version. Here’s hoping I actually complete some of these!

  1. Road trip through South America. Maybe after university I’ll go with my friends, or maybe I’ll go with my sisters.
  2. Buy a cat. My mum isn’t a fan of cats, so this will have to be completed after I move out. I would love at British Longhair, or maybe just a really small fluffy one. Or maybe I’ll just kidnap this one:

    I love this account so much! This owner just posts pictures of her British Longhairs.
  3. Be in a magazine article. This one is slightly weird, and I honestly have no idea why the idea of being in one appeals to me. It would be quite cool though.
  4. Become fluent in urdu. For those of you who don’t know, Urdu is the native language spoken in Pakistan. It is very similar to Hindi, which is spoken in India. Anyway, I would love to be fluent because it would mean that I could talk more easily to my grandparents. And when I go there, I would actually be able to speak to people rather than just awkwardly nodding along to whatever they are saying.
  5. Go skydiving. Yes, this is really classic and i am being “soooo mainstream”, but it genuinely looks really fun, and I would love to be able to say I did something crazy like that.
  6. Go in a hot air balloon. Again, not really any reason why I want to but I do think the view would be amazing. I do have a small fear of heights, so I may as well chuck myself in the deep end and conquer it.
  7. Climb a mountain. I’m not talking about Everest here (I know my boundaries) but maybe a smaller one. I really like hiking, so I think it would be a really great experience.
  8. Go scuba diving. I would love to be able to go into the sea and just explore for a while. (That sounds really cheesy)
  9. Run in the London Marathon. When I’ve become less of a potato, this is definitely something I want to do. I do like running but I just never go out of my way to make time for the gym- that will now change hopefully!

    One thing I have seen on lots of peoples bucket lists is to go and do the colour run. I went a couple years back, and it was so much fun. I highly recommend you go!
  10. Go to New York. I’ve never been, but I really want to go (once trump is out)! I want to do all those classic touristy things and actually see what New York is like, and experience it for real. I don’t want to go my whole life just basing my opinion on what I saw on Gossip Girl (inaccurate I know).

So, I hope you liked that! My bucket list will probably change as I get older and I gain different interests, but  I seriously recommend you write a bucket list, whether it’s just for fun or an actual thing you want to complete. They really do make you think about how far you are willing to stretch out of your comfort zone. And the great thing is, they don’t even take that long to make!

Comment down below something you would or already have put on your bucket list- maybe we have a similar goal!

Stay fresh

Minty xo