I am just having a late night thought.

I realised that I’m still not on Facebook. I know, you’re probably really shocked. But honestly, I don’t feel like I’m missing out on much. Yeah, I don’t get tagged in memes (this is the only reason my sisters want me to get it) and I miss out on the occasional cute photo from some random distant relative, but in all honesty getting it would just mean another thing to stress about. Take Instagram for example: I will post and then sit by the phone, worried that nobody will like it. And I’ll check it every 30 seconds. Maybe you do that (I know a lot of my friends do). Maybe you don’t. Maybe I’m just weird. But still, it’s obsessive and addictive, and I can’t help myself. It seems like my self esteem is built on those likes. One person clicking that heart will build up my confidence so much?? It takes them less than one second to “make my day”. That is a scary thought. And kind of ridiculous. We are sometimes called the “technology generation”, and I think that we rely so much on social media that it becomes a part of us- which can be and good thing and a bad thing.

Why do we focus so much on what other people think? Why do we never see positives about ourselves unless someone else points them out? Think about it. It you wear a top that you don’t really like and you get loads of compliments, you will probably wear it a lot more, because you care more about what others think and it take precedence over your own opinion. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately, and I have realised that I really haven’t got a lot of time before school ends, so I don’t really care anymore about what people in my year think. I will literally leave and never see the majority of them ever again. But looking back, I think that I spent (wasted) a lot of time caring about what people think and say about me, and my “public image”. I wish I could visit the younger me from junior school and just say that if people do make fun of you, don’t get sad- feel sorry for them, because they are actually some of the most insecure people you will ever meet. They comment on the appearance of others to distract themselves from… themselves. They have such a low self esteem they need to lower the self esteem of others in order to feel better.
Do you think that you depend too much on social media and on what others think about you? Comment down below your opinions. Have a great Easter! 

Stay fresh

Minty xo