(cover photo is one I took in some random shop in Oman)

Hi everyone! Hope you are having a great week.

Thanks so much to Alyssa for nominating me to do this award- it means a lot ❤ Everybody should go check out her blog 🙂


1. Thank the person that nominated you for this tag and link to their blog (spread the love, basically).
2. Write as many things that are unique to you as possible: these can be things that you do, say, like or have that make you different to other people or let you stand out. It can be what defines you as a person, a little thing about you that is just simply you or something little known that you think makes you up as a person.
3. Nominate up to 10 bloggers or as many as you like- there isn’t a limit.
4. You can take this tag as seriously or non-seriously as you like- you can laugh whilst doing it or feel contemplative: this is about you, after all.
5. After you’ve written this and if you ever feel like there’s nothing to you but what other people have already said and done, look back to your post and remember that it isn’t true.

Unique things about me

-I have a crazy crazy love for watermelon. I swear I could live off of it for the rest of my life.

– I’ve already said this in one of my other posts, but I have double jointed fingers and I swear its genetic because literally the whole of my mum’s family has double jointed fingers.

-I really like eating ketchup with rice. I know it’s weird, but ever since I was little I’ve just always eaten it.

-I love memes. I have an obsession.

-Sometimes I hate cheese. This sounds so strange, but it depends on the day. I have periods where I will happily put cheese onto my pasta or in my tuna toasties, and then a few weeks later I will have a period where the thought of eating it just grosses me out and I can’t put it on any of my food. Strange, I know.

-I am actually addicted to chewing gum. I can’t help it- it help to calm me down when I get stressed, which is basically all the time.

-I hate peanuts. And anything that has peanuts in it. Apart from the peanut sauce at Chinatown 🙂

-Again, I’ve already mentioned this in a previous post, but I have a black belt in karate. I guess that’s quite unique.

-I play the trumpet. I honestly don’t know why I went for the trumpet- I had actually wanted to start clarinet lessons, but once I started trumpet I enjoyed it so much that I didn’t want to change instruments.

(The next 2 aren’t unique things, they are literally just facts about me)

-When I’m under pressure I just lie.


Honestly, it’s not just when I’m under pressure- I just do it and I have no idea why. It’s so unnecessary. Some guy was serving me at the till last week, and he was like ‘Oh how come you haven’t got an advantage card yet?’ (an advantage card gives you points every time you buy something from that shop). He was literally just joking around, and my friend laughed, but for some reason I got so stressed that I just suddenly went ‘I hate cards’ and ran away!! Who even says that?! I can’t deal with myself.

-I used to hate sleeping. Ever since about the age of 7, I’ve just hated sleeping. It’s much better now because I have control over when I go to sleep, but when I was little and my dad would be like ‘time for bed’, I would have such a breakdown. The idea of sleep would scare me and give me so much anxiety, and to this day I still can’t work out why.

Honestly, I’m not that interesting so I can’t think of anything else. But, this was a super fun tag to do, and I nominate Ashanti Chanel, The Flittering Soul IreneYou must be high xo, Lui Maria and Banoffee pie 28 to do this tag. If you choose to do it, then I look forward to reading your facts- hopefully they’re better than mine lol. If you are reading this and thought that this tag was interesting, I nominate you as well!

Also I noticed that I am getting close 100 followers- that is crazy!!!! I can’t thank all of you enough for being such a lovely supportive people 🙂

Stay fresh,

Minty xo