Woohoo its Friday!! And what better way to celebrate than by doing an awards post πŸ™‚

Random thoughts by Haya nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award- thanks so much for the nomination<3 Her blog is amazing- go and check it out!

Also, I’m really sorry if you’ve nominated me for an award in the past few months and I haven’t done it. It’s honestly not because I didn’t want to do it, it’s simply because I haven’t seen your post 😦

If you did nominate me, and I haven’t got back to you, maybe link your post down below? It will give you the opportunity to publicize your amazing blog, and I will be able to do the tag that you kindly nominated me in! Thank you soooooo much xxx



  1. Each nominee must thankΒ the person who nominated them and link their blog in their post
  2. They must include the rules and add the blog award badge as an image
  3. Must add 7 facts about themselves
  4. Nominate 15 people to do the award!


  1. My birthday is on the 28th of June!
  2. Unsurprisingly, my favourite month is June!
  3. My wardrobe is made of up 90% jumpers, which makes it very hard to choose what to wear during summer/spring (ie. now)
  4. I think I have an addiction to buying jumpers
  5. I like eating bananas with custard- I think most people would think that’s gross but I honestly enjoyΒ it so much.
  6. I would love to move to Madrid and live there for a few years- Spanish culture is so diverse and interesting!
  7. I have never dyed my hair (unless you count henna but that’s natural dye)

I hope you enjoyed reading- this tag is super cute and I had a lot of fun writing this post! I nominate the following people to do this tag: Alyssa, Dreams and Waves, Chaosxd, Small town blogger, Juliana Alexis, Fraziers RacketΒ , AqsaΒ andΒ Sherina Harris– I look forward to reading your 7 facts!

Have a great weekend and stay fresh,

Minty xo