Hi everyone,

I hope you are having a great Monday 🙂

So, exam season has come and it’s been super hard revising. I find myself getting distracted or just procrastinating. For example, I started just staring at the wall yesterday (for about 15 minutes) for no other reason than to delay doing my maths revision. But anyway, if you are working productively and need a break to help relieve your stress, maybe try one of these things!

  1. Go for a run. I can’t stress this enough (notice the joke haha)- running has helped me so much. Whether I’m angry, stressed, sad or just feeling a bit lazy, going for a run has always helped me. Doing sport causes your body to release hormones called endorphins, which essentially help you feel more positive and happy. So, you’ve improved your mental and physical health at the same time- its a win-win situation!
  2. Shopping. Maybe this means online shopping, but its better to get out of the house. Go out to the local shops, and have a small splurge. It doesn’t just have to be on clothes. Buy some food, but maybe not chocolate. For me, chocolate causes an immediate high, but then a big low afterwards. I learnt that the hard way during last years exams. Does that happen to you? Maybe my body is just weird.
  3. Read!
    I just thought this was quite funny lol, and related to reading. I’m a meme junkie I know.

    My sister always tells me to take proper long breaks from work, but that break should involve doing something non-screen related. I know it seems hard, because usually after doing a couple of hours hard work you really just want to lie in bed and watch netflix. NO. Don’t do it. Maybe just lie in the garden and listen to music, or meet up with a friend.

  4. This isn’t really to relieve stress, but more to prevent stress from happening in the first place. I found this useful tip online somewhere, called the 888 rule, where you balance your time to eat, sleep and play. Basically, you sleep for 8 hours, work for 8 hours, and ‘play’ for 8 hours. I am trying to start it, but the reason I’ve found it helpful is because it provides structure. And if you’re like me and find yourself getting distracted, this will help prevent it. If I don’t make myself a list of things I need to get done and what time they need to be done by (basically a timetable) they will literally never get done!
  5. Paint! This isn’t really something I do, because I prefer running, but if this is more your thing definitely try it. Its a really good way to relax and it also exercises different parts of your brain.
  6. Delete social media apps off your phone during your revision hours! I will be honest, I haven’t quite reached this stage but I’m definitely working towards it! If you delete the apps you won’t be tempted to go on your phone and then get distracted stalking people on Instagram for hours or watching facebook videos, because we all know you click on one Instagram page, and then suddenly you are looking through your mutual friends cousins boyfriends photos from 2 years ago (we’ve all been there).

I hope this helps you in some way, maybe try one of these things in the next few weeks if you are feeling stressed, and let me know down below what helps you de-stress, and what exams you have coming up! Also, to anybody who also has upcoming exams, don’t worry- you will be fine. I believe in you, even if you don’t believe in yourself.


Stay fresh,

Stressed Minty xo