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Chai Chat- Creepy man at the hospital

So, just as a side note I've decided to call my life updates 'Chai Chats' instead, just because I really like Chai and it sounds cool :)))))))))))) So, I might have mentioned this in a previous post, but I have... Continue Reading →


Blue Sky Tag!

(photo is from I didn't know if there was an official cover photo for the tag?????? So I just searched 'blue sky' into google because I am a very clever human bean 🙂 Outnabout nominated me to do the... Continue Reading →


*image is from Pinterest- not my own* Hi everybody, Hope you are all feeling gooooooooooood. So, this is the second post in the my cultural appropriation series (first one was on the bindi). I was going through my blog posts last... Continue Reading →

my skin journey (+ 200 followers!!)

I have a lot of things I need to say before I actually start talking about my skin. Firstly, I'm sorry for being such a mess. I haven't been on wordpress for so long, which means I haven't read anyone's... Continue Reading →

Life Update- fasting, skincare and uni prep!

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I'm back with another update! Considering I've been away for a couple of weeks I thought it would be good to just tell you whats been happening in my life. So, right now I'm basically prepping for Eid, which... Continue Reading →

Sunshine blogger Award! (3)

Hi everyone, I hope you have had a great morning/afternoon/evening depending on where you are in the world! I would just like to say sorry I've been off wordpress for the past few weeks, life has just been very crazy,... Continue Reading →

Cramm Award (2)

Hi everybody, I was tagged by the lovely Juliana Alexis to do the Cramm Award. Everybody should go check out her blog 🙂 The Cramm award was created by theCramm who delivers the daily scoop on what’s what's new to our generation! The rules for... Continue Reading →

Life Update- fasting and trying to give up dairy!

Hi everyone, I'm baaaaaaaaaaack! woop woop. My exams are nearly over (one one left!) so now that I am slowly getting back all this free time I really wanted to restart making posts. It was so nice not having to wake... Continue Reading →

6 ways to relieve stress

Hi everyone, I hope you are having a great Monday 🙂 So, exam season has come and it's been super hard revising. I find myself getting distracted or just procrastinating. For example, I started just staring at the wall yesterday (for... Continue Reading →

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