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Justice for Zainab

I should be revising, because I have an exam tomorrow, but I really wanted to write about something I've seen going round on social media- the Justice For Zainab hashtag. This 7 year old girl was raped and then killed... Continue Reading →


*image is from Pinterest- not my own* Hi everybody, Hope you are all feeling gooooooooooood. So, this is the second post in the my cultural appropriation series (first one was on the bindi). I was going through my blog posts last... Continue Reading →

Honour Killings

**photo is NOT mine. It is from an article written by The Pamir Times** Hi everyone, Hope you are enjoying the Easter Weekend! Today's post is just a short bit about honour killings- I didn't know much about them so... Continue Reading →


(cover photo is NOT MINE- sourced from a 'left foot forward' article on marriage) Hi everyone! I hope you are having a great Easter, even if you are revising 😦 I have been meaning to put up this post for a... Continue Reading →

The Cramm Award

So, I was recently nominated by the amazing graciechick to do the Cramm Award! The Cramm Award was created by a blogger called Liv, who made a really cool website called the Cramm ! Here are the rules for this award: -Include a little... Continue Reading →

Culture vs Religion

This topic has been irritating me for a while now, and it's quite cathartic to just write (technically type) it all out. This will be quite "ranty"(that's not even a word oh well) but I hope that you'll understand what... Continue Reading →

Unfair and Lovely

Rant time wooooo

Bindi Isn’t Indie!!

I am starting a series on cultural appropriation, and I thought I would start with the bindi! The bindi is commonly associated with Hinduism and it symbolises many things, including the third eye, a way to keep away bad luck and... Continue Reading →

Pakistani. And proud of it.

I wanted to do my first proper post on something I loved, so naturally I thought... Pakistan!! Woop Woop! Pakistan Zindabad!! Although I could easily write a whole book about why I love Pakistan, I wanted to convey a message... Continue Reading →

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