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Haiku- Fighting Racism

Hola I'm doing something slightly different today- a haiku wooooo Gracie Chick invited me to participate (thanks so much ❤️) in an amazing project they set up to help fight racism! If you want to know more click this link... Continue Reading →

The Cramm Award

So, I was recently nominated by the amazing graciechick to do the Cramm Award! The Cramm Award was created by a blogger called Liv, who made a really cool website called the Cramm ! Here are the rules for this award: -Include a little... Continue Reading →

Culture vs Religion

This topic has been irritating me for a while now, and it's quite cathartic to just write (technically type) it all out. This will be quite "ranty"(that's not even a word oh well) but I hope that you'll understand what... Continue Reading →

Small(ish) note on Feminism

cover photo: People gather for the Women's March in Washington, DC, on January 21, 2017. (Reuters / Shannon Stapleton) N.b.- if you aren't a feminist, I hope that by the end of this post I have convinced you to become... Continue Reading →


You have probably seen thousands of posts/videos etc. on Trump, but I didn't want to miss the opportunity to put my opinion out there, considering all the crazy stuff that is happening right now thanks to him. I really wish... Continue Reading →

Unfair and Lovely

Rant time wooooo

Whitewashing (1)

I was watching this talk online about the modeling industry, and the speaker (model Cameron Russel) mentioned how a student went to fashion show and made a note of how many of the runway models were non-white: "out of the 677 models that... Continue Reading →

Bindi Isn’t Indie!!

I am starting a series on cultural appropriation, and I thought I would start with the bindi! The bindi is commonly associated with Hinduism and it symbolises many things, including the third eye, a way to keep away bad luck and... Continue Reading →

Hair, Hair Everywhere

As some of you may know, British schools and colleges started up again a couple of weeks ago. And I really dislike school. I am already struggling work wise but I am also finding the social aspects difficult the constant... Continue Reading →

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