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A glimpse into… Italy!

I'm back with round 2 of these holiday posts because I found writing about Switzerland so much fun, so I thought I'd now do Italy!! I actually went to Italy straight after Switzerland, so this post is very late but finally... Continue Reading →


Justice for Zainab

I should be revising, because I have an exam tomorrow, but I really wanted to write about something I've seen going round on social media- the Justice For Zainab hashtag. This 7 year old girl was raped and then killed... Continue Reading →


Hi everyone, Yeah, thats right. I've posted yesterday, and now I'm posting today- 2018 is mad! I was inspired by Gracie Chick to make this post. She made a spoken word poem about Islamophobia, and it was in response to... Continue Reading →

Life update, a review of 2017 and New Years resolutions!

Wow- this post is kind of late, given we have been in 2018 for a few days now (and already so much crappy stuff has happened!!! *cough* *Logan Paul*) But, I just wanted to say that 2017 was on average... Continue Reading →

A glimpse into… Switzerland!

Hi everyone! This post has been a long time coming- in all honesty, it was just sitting in my drafts but I just forgot to press the 'publish' button (so sad). Anyway, I just thought I would write about my... Continue Reading →

Gun Laws

Long time no see! I've just been working again/exams/uni stuff/general stress. It's so great. I just thought I would write a short bit about gun laws. Here in the UK, we have strict laws controlling the use of guns. It would... Continue Reading →

5 youtubers you need to watch (POC edition)

Hi guys hope you are good! Sooo, I will be listing some youtubers that I have been enjoying watching recently: Patricia Bright. I've been binge watching her haul videos, where she tries on clothes from loads of different online stores.... Continue Reading →



Hiiiiiiii everyone

I’m super excited to be a part of this site, so let me start by telling you a bit about me. I should’ve done this a while ago, but I’m just a really disorganised person.

I started my blog Minty Freshie just over a year ago, and I mainly write about culture, and I do an occasional rant. I’m also starting to do posts about travel and beauty, but given my amazing disorganisation skills that might take some time.

I’m not too sure what I’ll write about on here, but maybe just general life stuff (really specific I know), or something related to travel or lifestyle. Who knows!

Adios muchachos

Minty x

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Chai Chat- Creepy man at the hospital

So, just as a side note I've decided to call my life updates 'Chai Chats' instead, just because I really like Chai and it sounds cool :)))))))))))) So, I might have mentioned this in a previous post, but I have... Continue Reading →

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