Hi guys hope you are good!

Sooo, I will be listing some youtubers that I have been enjoying watching recently:

  1. Patricia Bright. I’ve been binge watching her haul videos, where she tries on clothes from loads of different online stores. I normally wouldn’t like these videos, because they are pretty much all the same, but she is super down to earth and funny, which means watching her videos are really enjoyable and quite addictive.
  2. Tazzy Phe. I honestly think Tazzy deserves way more subscribers than she has right now, because her videos are really really funny, and you can tell she puts a lot of time and effort into them. She does comedy sketches based around culture and religion and stuff like that.
  3. Jamie and Nikki. They are Australian family vloggers, and the main reason I watch them is because their vlogs are super sweet and their daughter is honestly the cutest thing! It’s really crazy watching their daughter grow up.

  4. Nathan Zed. I’ve been watching him for a while, and it’s been really cool to watch his channel grow really big- it kind of makes me feel like a proud parent. That’s really weird but oh well. 
  5. Dina Tokio. I’ve been watching her for ages, and I love her main channels videos, and the “Sid and Dina” channel. They are both super funny and I love the fact that she is a successful muslim youtuber. Also I saw her in chiswick about 6 months ago and I fangirled so hard. She walked right past me, and I was too shocked to saw anything. Also, she seemed in a rush for something, and I wasn’t about to interrupt her speed walking just to say hi. Anyway yeah. 

Hope you enjoyed reading. I’m really sorry for being such a flaky person- this year in particular is v. stressful what with uni application and those all important last exams. To anyone doing the same as me, I wish you well! Remember, everything happens for a reason.

Stay Fresh,

little (not) Minty xo