I have a lot of things I need to say before I actually start talking about my skin. Firstly, I’m sorry for being such a mess. I haven’t been on wordpress for so long, which means I haven’t read anyone’s posts, or posted anything of my own. I am so stupid, because I actually thought that after exams life was chilling, but apparently not.

see now I just feel like I express how I’m feeling through memes, and I don’t know whether to laugh or cry about that

Secondly, I just want to say thank you so much because I reached 200 followers!!!! This is honestly very crazy and surreal, mostly because I may be the most disorganized, unreliable blogger out there, and yet people still seem to follow me. It makes my day that people genuinely like what I write and what I have to say.

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I never thought I would post anything vaguely related to beauty/health/whatever you want to call it on my blog, but it was super fun to write this and to do something different.

I only became really self conscious about my skin last August, because I started getting way more spots, which not only lasted longer, but scarred a lot more easily. Basically I started getting acne. Fun times. Over these past few months I have learnt a lot more about my skin, what works for me and what doesn’t work me. Maybe some of these things will work for you!

This is probably an obvious one, and a pretty common one. One thing that controls my skin is my diet. After having loads of pizza or really oily food, I will notice a few small spots appearing on my face, which aren’t technically “acne” but they are still very annoying.  I’ve tried to swap in snacking on unhealthy things like biscuits to snacking on dried mango or having some toast or a tea. Also, I realised that a lot of the time I just want food, but I don’t actually need it. Basically I’m just greedy.

I remember I wrote about going off dairy in a post I did a few months ago, and I actually just ended up staying away from milk, and it has been SO GOOD for my skin, and I highly recommend trying this. I can’t stress enough how much of an improvement my skin has had, and I haven’t even properly cut it out. I still have tea occasionally, but the main things that I tend to not have anymore are hot chocolate, cereal and scrambled eggs. My face has actually cleared up a lot after cutting out milk, but obviously I’m still going on medication because this change may just be temporary and for the long term I feel medication is better.

Cut down on makeup. I’m not going to say stop wearing it because that is obviously easier said than done so cutting down is a good alternative. A massive no is foundation. I learnt the hard way that foundation is fine if you only wear it on really special occasions. And one of your friends birthday parties doesn’t count as a special occasion, I’m really talking about your cousins wedding. My sister tried to help me by taking my makeup and telling me I was only allowed to wear one product per day. So one day I would wear blush and the next I would just wear eyeliner. It worked for me, so it may work for you 🙂

I started wearing only concealer and my skin definitely improved. When I got used to wearing minimal makeup I started to wear no-makeup for a few days a week, because after a while you realise that nobody cares whether you are wearing makeup or not.

Wash your makeup brushes regularly. I only really use my beauty blender, so now I wash it before every use. It may be excessive but I’d rather be super thorough than risk getting more breakouts.

Lastly, Lush products!! I only got them recently, but combined with avoiding drinking milk, I think they improved my skin the most out of everything I’ve tried. These products don’t brighten my skin and make it glowy, but they do definitely help calm my skin when I’ve had a breakout, and they also help prevent future breakouts.

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-tea tree toner. I spray it on my face when I wake up and before putting on makeup. And on my pillows sometimes.

-grease lightning. It is as amazing as all the reviews say it is. If you put it on your spots before bed, guaranteed you will make up and they will have become less angry and prominent.

-mask of magnaminty. I use this every other day, which is a lot but it keeps my skin under control so I couldn’t care less at this point. I also use it on my back, and I have seen an improvement there as well.

So, I hope you found this interesting and/or helpful. If you have any tips involving skincare share them down below! Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a great week!

Stay fresh,

Minty xo