I’m back with another update! Considering I’ve been away for a couple of weeks I thought it would be good to just tell you whats been happening in my life.

So, right now I’m basically prepping for Eid, which may be tomorrow or Monday depending on the moon (because Ramadan follows a lunar calendar). By prepping, I mean buying all my Eid presents which I conveniently left to the last minute. I’m so glad Amazon prime exists.

The main reason I’ve been so busy is just because of school. After exams, we basically launched into all this uni stuff, like prepping and personal statements and I’ve been so busy working on that, my independent Biology study and my EPQ that I basically forgot to blog, which is really bad. Also, I’ve decided that I’m most probably applying for Medicine, which I’m really excited (and nervous) about!!!!!! But, that does mean that a lot of my time has to be dedicated to wider reading and prepping for interviews and volunteering etc. It’s crazy that I really haven’t got long left before I leave school and go to uni, because it genuinely seems like yesterday that I was in Year 7. Life was so good back then, because even though I wasn’t doing well in the majority of my subjects, I was honestly so happy. I was innocent, carefree and clueless, and really really happy. How times have changed.

Also, I’m getting medication for my skin! I know this may not sound that exciting or great, but I’m so so happy that finally something is being done to help get my skin cleared up. I’ll be honest, I’ve only got mild acne, and I’m very grateful that I don’t have it badly, but it is something that has made me so sad and self-conscious for so long. This sounds lame, but I honestly just want to be able to wake up and be able to look in the mirror and feel good. I want to be able to not feel the need to put on concealer every single day to cover up all my spots and scars. The sad thing is, it;s got to the point were I physically can’t leave the house without makeup. And because makeup has become a necessity, I don’t find it fun to put it on anymore. In fact, I really dislike it. And that also makes me kinda sad.

On a more positive note, I’ve not only got Eid to look forward to, but also my birthday on Wednesday!!!!!!!!!!! Let me know down below if you are also a June baby- I’m so curious to find out, because the majority of people in my year are June babies, which is quite strange.

Also, another nice thing is that I found a big box of lush products under my bed the other day. Its just an accumulation of bath bombs and soaps and melts that I’ve gotten on birthdays and at christmas from my friends, and i never got round to using them. So, its been really cool having glittery colourful baths for the past few weeks. Glitter makes me so happy (I know I sound like a child).

I’ve also been shopping quite a few times now (mostly online) because I don’t have exams. And I forgot why I tend to dislike summer- the clothes. As a Muslim, I need to dress modestly, and let me tell you- it’s pretty hard to find modest summer clothes. But still, I’ve brought out all my light shirts and flowy trousers and it’s been nice. I was also really lucky that I when I got my break from fasting London became really really hot. Like 30 degrees, which is crazy. It meant I could go out with friends and get a cold drink when I needed it (so basically every hour).

Also, I’m thinking about making my own tag- good idea or bad idea? I just think it would be really interesting to do something based on culture, but I’d love hear your opinions!

So, how has life been treating you? Well, I hope! Let me know if anything interesting happened to you these past few weeks, I’d love to know!

Stay fresh,

Minty xo